"Pinkture" Tincture
"Pinkture" Tincture
"Pinkture" Tincture
"Pinkture" Tincture
"Pinkture" Tincture
"Pinkture" Tincture

"Pinkture" Tincture

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Heal your body the natural way! Pain, inflammation, anxiety, stress, fogginess, lack of sleep...all these things can totally make us feel run down and unable to function the way we want to. Don't let those things get the best of you. With a very light hint of fruit punch flavor you'll look forward to adding it to your daily routine!

We're the first only PINK plant based oil available on the market that smells like gummi bears and tastes like fruit punch! This oil can be used to cook with, bake with, you can put it in your tea, coffee, water, or even your cocktails too! 

*Each dropper is about 8-10mg and you can take it as needed throughout your day.

Take as directed. Ages 18+. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Avoid the eye areas. *Not tested on animals*

250mg 30ml Bottle $60.00

Love our Pinkture Tincture formula? Well here is a great way to stay stocked up and get a discount on your favorite oil! 

Regular Price: $60.00 

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15% Discount $153.00 (3 bottles) 

25% Discount $270.00 (6 bottles)

30% Discount $504.00 (12 bottles)


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